certosa di padula


The Charterhouse of Padula is only 80 km from B&B Guest House Battipaglia.

It takes about 50 minutes by car via Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway (A3). You can sleep in Battipaglia and the following morning enjoy a wonderful day full of history and culture.

The Charterhouse of Padula (Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula) is a prestigious and important monastic complex, It has been named by Unesco World Heritage Site. Today turns out to be one of the best preserved monastic complexes and among the most important in Europe.

Its construction was commissioned and funded in 1306 by Thomas Sanseverino , Count of Marsico and Lord of Vallo di Diano, with the benevolence of the Prior of the Charterhouse of Trisulti (Frosinone). The Count of Marsico (Thomas Sanseverino) had different motivations for the construction of the Charterhouse : religious reasons , and devotional reasons of prestige and empowerment of the area. Certainly important was the French origin of the order of monks and Anjou , in fact, thanks to the construction of the Charterhouse , a little later , the Count Marsico was nominated Constable of the Kingdom by King Charles II. Another motivation that pushed the family of Count Sanseverino to the realization of the Certosa of San Lorenzo was without a doubt the desire to liberate their land holdings in Vallo di Diano, from the swamps in which they poured. What better order of Carthusian monks for the reclamation of the land. This allowed the family of the Count and the order of monks to create a diplomatic relationship that lasted several years.

The Charterhouse of Padula is divided into several areas: the outer court, the cloister of the guest house, the church, the chapter house and the chapel of the treasure, the ancient cemetery, the founder of the chapel, the refectory with kitchens and cellars, the cloister prosecutors, the cell of the prior, the library, the great cloister and the cells of the fathers and the great garden of the cloister.

As in all the Carthusian monasteries in Europe, the Charterhouse of San Lorenzo in Padula is divided into two distinct sections and defined as “low house” and the “high house”: In the first part of the workplace, areas in which worked and lived all of those that haven’t taken a vow of enclosure and therefore they could relate with the public; while the second section was the residence area of the fathers, the realm of silence and tight enclosure.

The church preserves the altars with fine decorations in polychrome plaster with nacre inlays, sixteenth-eighteenth century frescoes, eighteenth century majolica floor, the carved and inlaid wooden choir stalls of the early sixteenth century.

The Charterhouse of Padula houses the Archaeological Museum of Western Lucania, which jealously guards hundreds of priceless works well as a vast collection of contemporary art with over one hundred works during the exhibition “Works and Days” and “Fresh Woods.” In the room of the Prior apartment there is the permanent exhibition “The Charterhouse of Padula in Thomas Salmon’s 1763 book and in eighteenth century’s cartography”, facilitating the vision and consultation through the display installation that you can find on the normal guided tour of the museum in the Charterhouse.


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