Reggia di Caserta

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In 1997, the Royal Palace of Caserta was proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The royal residence, with its 1200 rooms and a total surface area of 4700 square meters, is the largest and most extensive royal house in the world. The idea of the realization of the imposing imperial palace and its magnificent park of Baroque conception, with formal and landscaped gardens, dates back to 1750. The Royal Palace of Caserta consists of a massive rectangular building, dissected inside in four courtyards. The countless statues, gardens, waterfalls, sculptures and endless meadows make the Palace the last and most important example of baroque park in Italy. Its park extends from south to north for over 3 km in length, looking out on the back side of the Palace, consists of two long avenues with central pools, fountains and waterfalls. To move and to distribute the huge demand for water for the garden, It was created a complex aqueduct (built by Vanvitelli) long 41km. The whole area of the imperial residence covers a total area of 2,000,000 cubic meters.

In 1750, Charles III of Bourbon, king of the Two Sicilies, purchased the land at the foot of the Tifatini Mountains. The total cost of the transaction was as much 489,343 ducats, but the expense was deemed necessary for the realization of a project that Charles of Bourbon has long stroking: “The military and administrative reorganization of the kingdom.” The king wanted to own a royal home worthy to compete with the rest of the imperial dynasties of Europe and that would highlight his family, and able to convey the magnificence, power and absolute magnitude. The Bourbon royal palace was completed only in 1845, but has been inhabited since the year 1780.

Among the many projects submitted to the court of the sovereign, Luigi Vanvitelli’s project was well received and wanted by the King, that he reflected his ideas: To build a palace to compete for glory with that of Versailles, which offered a new kingdom capital, far from the sea and the offenses that could come from this. So it was in that way that Vanvitelli took office of the construction of the Palace of Caserta. The uniqueness of Vanvitelli’s work will reveal the architect’s strong personality and will form the basis of the neoclassical style that became popular in the years to come. The Royal Palace of Caserta, was used for several purposes: As a summer residence, as a shelter for parties and hunting. The sovereign who frequented the most was Ferdinand II of Bourbon, the same Gioacchino Murat, Napoleon’s brother in law, during the Napoleonic era, decided to use it as his private residence.

Too bad Vanvitelli was unable to complete, because of death, the full realization of his project. Today, in the Opera Museum allocated in the Royal Palace, can be admired his original drawings and to have a comprehensive overview of the work as he had imagined; while a visit to the Royal Palace and the Park is a paradigm for identifying, by living spaces, great as were the intuitions of Vanvitelli’s genius.

The Royal Palace of Caserta: “One of the planimetric creations more harmonious, more logical, more perfect of architecture of all time.”

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